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Tom Rudd
Nov 15 2011
at 1:10 PM
Sco breezes into to Cambridge this weekend with his quintet. Anyone going? I would love to go, Have to see if I can work that out for Friday night.
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Nov 21 2011
at 7:01 AM
Bookmark and Share He did a great version of the Beatles "I Will" when I saw him in St. Louis.
Nov 17 2011
at 10:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the link--great interview! Saw Scofield here in Wisconsin last week--a wonderful show. In a year with some great releases, "A Moment’s Peace" is one of the best. Can’t get enough of it.
Nov 17 2011
at 6:02 AM
Bookmark and Share An extensive Sco interview at All About Jazz, from this past September, for those interested:
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