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Mar 03 2011
at 8:42 PM
Sueno con Mexico was beautiful on the Orchestrion tour. Been attending concerts since 1985 & this was a first, that i recall. Left me almost in tears as it gently faded away
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Mar 12 2011
at 6:24 AM
Bookmark and Share You were lucky. He played about a minute of it before the Orchestrion ’broke’ in London last February.
Mar 11 2011
at 3:47 PM
Bookmark and Share I was so, so disappointed he didn’t play it at either of the two shows I went to. (LA and Salt Lake.)
Mar 11 2011
at 3:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Italy also inspired our pat
Mar 11 2011
at 11:27 AM
Bookmark and Share the highlight indeed with the one played with his synth. guitar
Mar 10 2011
at 7:13 PM
Bookmark and Share It was most welcome indeed....
Mar 10 2011
at 5:52 PM
Bookmark and Share I can only imagine what Sueno con Mexico would have sounded like. I hope it makes the DVD too.
Mar 08 2011
at 9:52 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m hoping the dvd is not confined to the album - he did so many fantastic things in addition to the tracks from the album ...
Mar 08 2011
at 5:56 PM
Bookmark and Share Couldn’t agree more. It was mind-blowing rendition! I am really wanting that to be on the dvd.
Mar 04 2011
at 2:00 PM
Bookmark and Share Definitely a "goosebump" moment.
Mar 04 2011
at 9:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Personally, I thought it was the highlight of the whole concert. Seriously.
Tom Rudd
Mar 04 2011
at 6:25 AM
Bookmark and Share It was great wasn’t it!
Mar 04 2011
at 6:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Agree, this was very moving during the Orchestrion tour. This has always been one of my favorite guitar tunes. On the original recording, you can really hear the beautiful spanish colors come through. I still listen to this piece and it still sounds new after all these years.
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