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Nov 04 2011
at 5:37 AM
Using Google Translate. I couldn’t agree more with this. It is hard for me to think of what Metheny concert of the many I have seen would even be a close second to this one.________________There are sometimes moments at concerts of the imperfect, for which we thank the heavens. For example, at Enjoy-jazz performance by the Pat Metheny Trio in Ludwigshafen Pfalzbautheater. Than reveal the master guitarist, to the surprise of all his previously dark hidden orchestrion, a flashing jukebox- monster leaves sigh, and suddenly as if by magic accordion sounds, clattering castanets and percussion rustle - as loose with a loud crack the power cord from the electric guitar. As can be controlled with the help of all the instruments, the music briefly increased. And all of a sudden it becomes clear that there’s a man standing on the stage, which also undermine mistakes. Brilliant improvisation This impression might be profane in good hour and a half previously set. On the contrary, Metheny was with Larry Grenadier on bass and Bill Stewart (drums), a gala performance in which he brilliant improvisation of almost superhuman perfection - offered - but also very human emotion strength. The U.S. boy (despite his 57 years he still looks boyish, with a lion’s mane, jeans and striped shirt) is an exceptional virtuoso whose eloquence no technical limitations seems to know. With never-failing spring from his imagination delight in fantasy fascinating light, endless lines, then the flow like a torrent. But he indulges in no slick rhetoric, but grabs corners and edges, motive paraphrases and updates, unusual twists, counter-runs and dissonant frictions in the cheerful bubbling flow of his melodies, whose complexity is almost unbelievable to hear, for all its panache. It characterized the solos of the fingerboard by a brilliant performers - from clarity and sharpness - sound like an intellectual. Since there is no Geschwurbel, no chatter, every phrase is drawn precisely as a sounding engraving. She has here a rare intricacy of the details; a guitarist can hardly so subtle gradations of volume, attenuation, and sonorous tonal values ??to handle. Communicate with its extraordinary creative power Metheny improvised a delightful impression of existential meaning and order - as a work by Bach. Great music also. So en passant is the guitar god during his nearly 140-minute presentation a lesson in jazz history in which he implores other gods. The blue-soaked riffs a Charlie Christian, the highly sophisticated harmonies of Tal Farlow, Jim Hall’s poetry, Herb Ellis’ poignant single-note playing, Wes Montgomery’s swinging drive - all flowing into the game Metheny, not as a quote, but as a reference and inspiration of our own creativity . The evening concert performs a variety of moods and emotions. In the beguiling intimate ballad "Always and Forever," you feel almost bombarded the camp fire. "Question And Answer" turns into an ecstatic assault, which Metheny on guitar synthesizer jubilantly climb the anthemic heights of John Coltrane. The popsongartige "James" is filled with hearty Nashville-country flair. As Metheny and his 42-string guitar special attacks in order to elicit their archaic and mysterious sounds of harp and lyre, you think you are transported back to an ancient temple ritual. Operate at the highest level, the musicians. Found Larry Grenadier, beginning in three duets with Metheny, excited not only by the guitaristic fluency of his bass solos, in which phrases renew wonderfully by taking recourse to all registers documents constantly from itself, but traditional by a virtue safe timing. And Bill Stewart sometimes presents itself as a sporty, active, but highly musical filigree technicians, Metheny’s guitar excursions with a dense network of entangled poly- rhythms, which adapts to all twists and turns of the band leader. The returns from the audience about 1100 times more celebrated while standing, back to three encores, including a ravishing and celebrated bossa version of the Beatles classic "And I Love Her". Mannheimer Morgen 03. November 2011
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Nov 05 2011
at 8:55 AM
Bookmark and Share Klaus: Thank you so much for your translation/review. I and other forum readers really to appreciate it.
Nov 04 2011
at 4:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Klaus88, Thank you so much for translating this incredibly thorough review. I did see Metheny and Grenadier as a duo, and they were fantastic. I can only imagine what adding Stewart does for the live show. Their CDs of 99-00 are of some of my favorites.
s in Boston
Nov 04 2011
at 1:34 PM
Bookmark and Share Klaus, I love this! Thanks for putting it up.
Nov 04 2011
at 7:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Right on...I’ve always heard that European audiences listen well.I often wish that folks here in the states would learn the art of "listening" more than trying to be an active participant in the proceedings.
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