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Dave M.
Mar 03 2011
at 4:11 PM
Id like some input/thoughts on Ken Navarro. Considered as being a (wait, cover your ears & hide the women and children)"Smooth Jazz guitarist, I have to say that I’ve been fairly impressed with his recent work. I’m talking about his last two releases, "The Grace Of Summer Light" and "Dreaming Of Trains". Since Smooth Jazz radio has been dying a slow death the last few years, he seems to have changed his approach to music slightly. It’s as if he feels he doesn’t have to cater to the radio crowd anymore. His songs are much more expansive and layered than they were prior to these last two albums. He has always stated that one of his major influences is Pat, and, man, can you really tell on some of these songs. Some of the chord progressions and chord shifts sound eerily similar to Pat.....and, though I’m liking how he has adapted his approach to his music, it is THAT aspect (i.e., copying some of Pat’s style) that probably troubles me the most. Sometimes it seems like he’s trying too hard to be just like Pat. Overall, though, I think he music has improved greatly. Thoughts???
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Dave M.
Mar 09 2011
at 10:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for your input. Doesn’t it bother you, though, to hearsome snippets of "Metheny-isms" in most of his songs? I can hear a few chords of "San Lorenzo", " To The End Of The World", and some of "The Way Up" in his songs.
Mar 06 2011
at 9:45 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, I totally agree. Love those last two releases you mentioned - so much more sophisticated in all the good ways. The earlier stuff, to me, was clearly aimed at getting on smooth jazz radio. Now, he’s far more adventurous and lots more rewarding. Ken is doing something interesting now - he’ll come to your home and play a "living room concert" for a small, intimate show. He puts his backing tracks on his iPod, brings his guitar, and plays. After his last two albums, if Pat won’t come, I’d love to hear Ken play in my living room.
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