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Oct 23 2011
at 4:41 PM
I heard a recording of this sax players quartet at the Village Vanguard this past June. Stunning! I heard he will release two quartet projects in 2012 on ECM. Mark Turner is one of the most important sax players in many years. Totally unique sound and approach to the sax.
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Oct 24 2011
at 4:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the heads up...will check him out...
Bob Meyrick
Oct 24 2011
at 3:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Mark is a fine player, who has recently been part of UK guitarist Phil Robson’s IMS Quintet, with Gareth Lockrane (flute), Michael Janisch (bass) and Ernesto Simpson (drums) - they have a CD coming out in November, and are appearing at the London Jazz Festival around the same time. I saw them earlier this year, and I’d recommend seeing them if you’re able.
Tom Rudd
Oct 24 2011
at 9:41 AM
Bookmark and Share Nice! He sounds awesome. Tenor Sax players are springing up all over. I just listened to a CD by a tenor player Kenny Shanker called Steppin’ Out a new comer on the NYC scene who also sounded excellent.
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