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Oct 15 2011
at 9:27 AM
HI - some friends and i are going to spain for the trio tour in nov. anyone heading that way, please join us for a drink or dinner pre-show. enjoy
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Oct 27 2011
at 5:08 PM
Bookmark and Share i’m going to sevilla, november 19. i can’t believe that i could be there, first time i will see him.
Oct 20 2011
at 3:34 PM
Bookmark and Share Glad to hear the interest and passion for the music. Hope to see you there. Can’t wait !!
Oct 20 2011
at 10:31 AM
Bookmark and Share I am psyched to be doing a mini Fall tour for the first time in years and for Pat in Trio format it just does not get any better. I used to do mini tours with bands all the time back in University (late eighties early 90s) - The Dead, Phish and the Allmans etc when I lived in Canada. That said Pat is the only one I will move my rear outside of my adopted Madrid these days. His complete dedication to his craft, the level of improvisation and sheer joy he communicates from the stage night after night is inspiring. Not to mention I do not even need to take a day off to make this happen. That said as an early Christmas present to myself I will be at Zaragoza, Seville and Madrid. Actually for the Madrid show, I am making it a full family affair, taking my four and half year old to his first concert and my expecting wife who has seen Pat already numerous times and is a fan herself. Fun fun fun, looking forward to November for once.
Oct 18 2011
at 2:17 AM
Bookmark and Share I`ll be in Sevilla, Teatro de la Maestranza, 19 nov.
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