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Bob Meyrick
Oct 03 2011
at 2:27 PM
... this Saturday. Anyone else going?
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Bob Meyrick
Oct 09 2011
at 4:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Phronesis had a 30 minute support slot and played well, though the sound balance could have been better. I was definitely in the minority, but I was actually underwhelmed by Wayne Shorter’s set. The first piece lasted half an hour and was rather abstract - lots of swapping phrases, but it never seemed to go anywhere. Brian Blade did lots of colouration but the groove was lacking. It was also noticeable that the guys were reading a lot of dots. The audience loved it, however, and it was recorded for Radio 3’s "Jazz on 3". The bottom line is that I wasn’t moved by the music; the last time I saw this quartet, at the Birmingham Symphony Hall 7 or 8 years ago was completely the opposite - the music was complex and enthralling, but leaving the hall people were humming the last tune.
Oct 08 2011
at 7:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Indeed, a great video shot at DH’s home.
Oct 08 2011
at 3:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Fendweller, yep that was on the set list (with audience participation, bien sur), and Todd and Co. did a cracking job on "Buffalo Grass". Man that one rocked and Todd ripped off a great solo. I thought the one of the bast things were the backing vocals parts in soaring harmonies, trademart TR stuff. Kasim Sulton still has the vocal range and voice timbre like he had back when he started with Todd! And to see Prairie Prince up close and keeping a great beat. Daryl Hall and Todd, man those are Philly Soul Bros.! See Daryl’s programme with Todd at Daryl’s place. ’Want of Nail’ hits the mark.
Oct 07 2011
at 6:08 AM
Bookmark and Share Tim - did they play Can We Still be Friends? There’s an amazing version of that on Youtube with Todd and Darryl Hall of all people.
Oct 06 2011
at 10:17 AM
Bookmark and Share Bob, afraid not either. Saw Todd Rundgren (with Kasim Sulton, Jesse Gress, Prairie Prince, and John Fernzik) at Jazz Cafe in London on Wednesday, so that’s used up my gig budget for a couple months!
Oct 05 2011
at 6:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Afraid not Bob. Let us know how it was. Cheers John
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