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Sep 29 2011
at 4:45 PM
It’s gonna be a great nite away!
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Sep 30 2011
at 1:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Wow, what a great show. Pat and Larry came out swinging hard. The duet format was really interesting. They covered tunes previously done by the entire PMG or past trio formats, and the material worked out amazingly well, a testament to such good writing. He covered many genres of his song catalog. Timeless. The arc of his performances is so well developed. Always a gentleman master of ceremonies, he injected humor throughout the night. The Lawrence audience was fully engaged, near raucous, the entire evening. I don’t know how Pat continues to play at such a high level, but I think that after every show, having seen many over the years, and Larry a formidable partner in crime. Thanks for a great show guys! If you have a chance, go see this tour, you will not be disappointed.
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