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SUBJECT: Pat and Larry in Ann Arbor Michigan Back to Subjects
Sep 27 2011
at 4:08 PM
This Sunday, and it is not too far from Metro airport. There are great seats available so jump on a plane and watch this performance at a great venue, The Michigan Theater. I cant wait although I will be late for work after the show. I have not missed a Metheny show in the Detroit area for over 30 years and Im not going to start now. Hope to see you there. Dave, the big guy in row E dead center.
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Oct 03 2011
at 3:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Awesome show! If you have a chance -Go! Waited around after the show And Pat came out to meet a group of fans,sign autographs. So gracious and warm.Loved the surprise. Larry was great also. What a night.
Sep 30 2011
at 8:21 AM
Bookmark and Share Sounds good Dave. I think we’re in for a treat. We’ll see you there!
Sep 29 2011
at 3:03 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ll be there too with some new Metheny fans . Front row center! See ya there.
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