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Sep 26 2011
at 4:06 AM
Wow! What a show! The set list caught me by surprise. The venue in Santa Monica is great. It’s like a mini Disney Hall that seats 499. I got one of his guitar picks!!
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Sep 27 2011
at 1:03 PM
Bookmark and Share I too was at the Santa Monica second show. Great venue for this type of duet. But I agree the set list was a bit of a surprise.... The energy between Pat and Larry was great. I had the pleasure of taking a young friend from overseas to this show. While more into the usual repetitive pop stuff, she enjoyed it a lot. Perhaps the energy level at the earlier show was lower because it WAS the early show...starting at 4:00?
Sep 27 2011
at 12:34 PM
Bookmark and Share What was the set list for this show? You know how the tour sometimes evolves - by the time it gets to Japan and Europe it may very likely be even better. Sometimes you just want to follow the tour bus.
Sep 27 2011
at 11:04 AM
Bookmark and Share To imeubu: You are right on! In San Francisco, the second show audience was very lively and really let Pat & Larry know how much they were appreciated. I have been to Pat shows like you described the first LA show to be...and it is most embarrassing to say the least. The man is a genius and his music just keeps getting better and better with age. And I know that he feeds off the response from the audience. I was unable to make the first show in SF but I was close enough (2nd row center) to read Pat’s lips when after the second encore, he said to Larry - "This is much better." I can only imagine from the faces of audience #1 leaving that they weren’t as "into" it as we were.
Sep 26 2011
at 4:01 PM
Bookmark and Share Greatest shows. Second show was Killer! Only Pat and Larry can top Pat and Larry. To all you fans across the nation get your tckts now. I’d love to see them at the Blue Note!!
Bryan T
Sep 26 2011
at 1:26 PM
Bookmark and Share My wife and I were there, too. I have a bunch of Pat’s CDs and records, but this was my first show. It was so great! I was thrilled, really, he touched on all of the sounds that I’ve loved over the years. Fantastic. Bryan
Sep 26 2011
at 12:11 PM
Bookmark and Share I was fortunate enough to be able to attend both shows in LA. Both had moments of ’Pat-attude’. Those verbally indescribable moments we all know a love from him. While he obviously knows ’how well’ he is gettin’ after it on any given night, IMHO, the 2nd show had much more energy than did the 1st. The 1st. audience was, shall I say ... subdued? It’s seems as though LA audiences can suffer from a lack of energy (?) or maybe they are too polite? Do we applaud after solos? Should we encourage the performers? Pat, made mention of how ’mellow’ we were, but the energy in the house was low. The 2nd show had a much more ’welcoming’ atmosphere and Pat and Larry seemed to make it their mission to ’wake this baby up’! The combined energies of the room and the interplay/connection between Pat and Larry push the brilliance right up! Thank you again Pat for ’bringing IT’ to LA. For all future audiences on any of Pat’s tours ... Please remember, you are being presented with an opportunity to see and hear greatness ,,, Take that opportunity to show you realize the magnitude of the situation and by being enthusiastic and considerate. Give that positive ’energy’ to Pat and it’s been MY experience that Pat will MORE than return the favor!! You want a show to remember ... Please, bring your best! As the Beatles once said, "The Love you take is ’equal’ to the Love you make". Sorry if this sounded ’preachy’ but Pat and his audiences have the ability to experience profound encounters ... Keep this in mind and may all of his concerts hold a very special place in you life ... they do in mine. Thanks again to Pat and Larry for yet another night to remember.
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