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Chris Digger
Mar 01 2011
at 7:26 AM
New album of former EST member is superb. And very special: PM is playing on the track Ballad for E! Very touching ballad. But also the other tunes are really moving. Very recommended!
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Mar 24 2011
at 9:20 AM
Bookmark and Share I saw Magnus & his new band at the Pizza Express Jazz club here in London just over a week ago. They played extended versions of most of the tunes on the cd, including a "Ballad for E". The guitarist did the tune justice with a beautiful almost Frissell-like tone on electric guitar. I literally sat about eight feet in front of Magnus’ kit and watched in awe at his mastery, particularly with the brushes, finding mesmeric grooves. A wonderful & very moving gig with references to "his great friend’s Esbjorn’s death" in his introduction to "Ballad for E". It was great to see Magnus back on the bandstand smiling again & able to lose himself again in the music.
Mar 21 2011
at 6:55 AM
Bookmark and Share In a Swedish interview, it was revealed that it was really - a far fetched idea - from the photographer, that since Magnus was a drummer, he should be "into his skin" or into "skin". Showing some skin. Sort of far fetched pun to drum skin. He’s not the Iggy Pop of jazz as of yet. And since he holds a cymbal in one arm in the shot, they thought they could show something "onto his bare skin" or something like that. I like the album very much. Somewhat pastoral and even - hrmmm - catholic at places. Regarding former E.S.T titles such as Viaticum, Leocolyte, and so on, it follows suit. But, if the music’s this good, I couldn’t give a ********. Of course the songs where Pat guests, are highlights of the album.
Mar 03 2011
at 4:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Interesting album. The intro reminds me of Leucocyte.
Tom Rudd
Mar 01 2011
at 9:44 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the tip Chris, very cool. I just listened to a few samples, sounds great. The tune "Afilia Mi" is very Methenyesque. The cover is funny! Magnus must be going for the female demographic!
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