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Sep 10 2011
at 2:54 AM
I am wondering why there aren’t any dutch dates listed.
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Sep 28 2011
at 12:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Looking forward to the Hamburg concert on Oct. 30. Any members who also come to this concert ? Maybe we can meet there.
Sep 28 2011
at 4:21 AM
Bookmark and Share But Yoss, we haven’t had a PM trio in over a decade.
Sep 26 2011
at 4:59 PM
Bookmark and Share looks like Pat and his folks have decided to play different places this time and fair enough. Dutch and UK fans can’t really complain... last year we had PMG and Orchestrion.
Sep 19 2011
at 11:50 AM
Bookmark and Share Maybe one gig in London before the Christmas holidays.
Sep 17 2011
at 9:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh absolutely tokeyozi...particularly if a PM Trio gig was happening ;)
Sep 17 2011
at 3:29 AM
Bookmark and Share So, -m, we might even see you at North Sea Jazz next year? Or maybe only if Pat plays there? Hi Hague, greetings from the cold and rainy flatlands ;)
Sep 16 2011
at 10:50 PM
Bookmark and Share Oh yes a Dutch gig would be great. Personally I fave of North Sea Jazz Festival gig. ;-)
Sep 16 2011
at 2:35 PM
Bookmark and Share I concur, a Dutch gig would be fantastic. Btw greetings from the Caribbean, where I am at the moment.
Sep 13 2011
at 1:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Yeah, this bothers me too! I really hope a date in the Netherlands gets added...
Sep 10 2011
at 2:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Or UK ones. Usual thing, I should think. Pat’s dates and the usual venues don’t line up.Whenever he plays in either country, he sells out, right?
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