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Sep 01 2011
at 3:04 PM
I think the Orchestrion DVD is supposed to be out this month. Here’s hoping.
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Tom Rudd
Sep 06 2011
at 7:11 AM
Bookmark and Share The world awaits the genius of Pat Metheny.
Sep 04 2011
at 3:47 AM
Bookmark and Share "We’re aiming to have it in theatres in November", which means the release on DVD, Bluray etc will be later. My guess is: around Christmas.
Sep 03 2011
at 9:27 PM
Bookmark and Share This is what I read.... fogolabs August 18, 2011 at 15:20 “The Orchestrion Project” is a film destined for theatrical release first. It will be presented in both 3D and 2D. Later, it will be released on BluRay 3D, BluRay and DVD. It will also air on various television networks worldwide in 3D and 2D. We hope to announce the theatrical release date sometime next week. We’re aiming to have it in theatres in November.
Sep 02 2011
at 9:38 PM
Bookmark and Share I am looking forward to the DVD and the improvisation composition that was performed at the end of the performance. I would also look forward to a new PMG CD in 2012 or 2013? Thanks Pat for all of your music.
Sep 02 2011
at 2:00 PM
Bookmark and Share Hope springs eternal . ( which actually reads a bit like one of the solenoid-based devices he used on the project !)
Sep 02 2011
at 1:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Hope so. Really looking forward to seeing that wonderful concert again.
Sep 02 2011
at 1:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Here’s hoping with you. It’s about time.
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