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SUBJECT: Be safe in the USA Back to Subjects
Aug 27 2011
at 6:26 AM
I hope you guys in North Carolina, New York and anywhere else will be safe.
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Aug 29 2011
at 12:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks m, we made it through fine where I live but there’s flooding everywhere else. A lot of people who live by the various rivers and streams lost a lot. It could have been worse I guess but we don’t get this sort of thing up here usually. Thanks for the sentiments.
Aug 28 2011
at 8:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Hope you and yours made it through Dazedcat. Thoughts and prayers (as they say).
Aug 28 2011
at 8:13 AM
Bookmark and Share As I type this (Sunday morning) the winds are blowing and the rain is pounding down here. Albany, New York where I live is approximately 130 miles north of NYC. Hopefully my power won’t go out but confidence ain’t real high here.
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