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SUBJECT: What if Pat Metheny would meet and play with Tommy Emmanuel ? Back to Subjects
Aug 09 2011
at 7:51 AM
What would happen, if two of the greatest and most virtuous guitar players meet and join in for a concert ? Please vote for Pat Metheny meeting Tommy Emmanuel !
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Aug 09 2011
at 3:07 PM
Bookmark and Share Don’t misunderstand me, I think Tommy is good, but imho in classical music it would be Franz Lehar meeting Gustav Mahler. Good meeting genius.
Aug 09 2011
at 2:50 PM
Bookmark and Share I have NO idea. For me there are two rather different worlds of guitar music. I have little doubt if they fit together for a great symbiosis (thats what one would expect). Once again: no idea. (Unfortunately i missed TE in Berlin 2 weeks ago :-( )
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