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SUBJECT: metheny workshop? Back to Subjects
Aug 07 2011
at 7:43 AM
Was wondering if anyone here is attending Pat’s workshop in Conn. or knows of anyone who is?
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Mike S.
Aug 12 2011
at 5:16 AM
Bookmark and Share Wish I played a drum set instead of rudimental drum. Also wish I had an extra $5000 burning a hole in my pocket. While I’m at it, I wish the world economy would turn around!
Aug 08 2011
at 7:03 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ll be there with my tools in hand ready to go . Looking forward to the tutorial on how to convert a wheelchair into a dune buggy . You did say workshop , right ?
Aug 08 2011
at 3:25 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ll be there. I can hardly wait! They sent the schedule for it the other day and it got me that much more excited.
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