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SUBJECT: Pat on Jamie Cullum’s show Back to Subjects
Bob Meyrick
Aug 05 2011
at 3:59 AM
Jamie Cullum’s programme on BBC Radio 2 next Tuesday (9 August) has an in-depth interview with Pat.
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Aug 12 2011
at 1:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Great interview. Thanks for the post.
Aug 12 2011
at 2:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks so much for pointing us in the direction of this great interview show. Jamie appears to be the right kind of interviewer, being a (great!) musician himself and posing all the right questions. More importantly: he has The Ear. So he chose the best of the best to play on the show.
Aug 11 2011
at 7:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Bob, thanks for the heads up. Always enjoyable listening to Pat speak about music, and that cool state of mind called Lee’s Summit. Was interesting to hear of the Lyle Mays tie up too.
Aug 11 2011
at 5:29 AM
Bookmark and Share There’s a podcast about too, but it’s only half an hour. Presumably the main difference is that in the hour long show all the music gets played in full.
Rob B in CT
Aug 10 2011
at 1:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for posting, Bob. Excellent hour-long interview with lots of music samples. It’s available for a week or so.
Aug 06 2011
at 3:49 PM
Bookmark and Share thanks for the tip off bob i will definitely tune in.
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