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SUBJECT: Pat Metheny: The ECM Years, 1975-1984 by Mervyn Cooke Back to Subjects
Feb 07 2018
at 3:50 PM
I just stumbled upon this book title while browsing online. Has anyone here read it, and if so any comments or review you could share? Thanks.
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Mar 02 2018
at 11:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks ZMan - The book arrived today and I am already "into it". There are lots of quotes from the man, and parts of interviews from other sources (always footnoted). I think I will really enjoy this one, so again thank you ZMan. I wonder why this isn’t listed on this site.
Feb 09 2018
at 11:00 AM
Bookmark and Share Wow, thanks for the heads-up. I had no idea this book existed. I was just thinking the other day that I would love to know more about those ECM years. I know Gary Burton was instrumental in Pat getting with ECM. I’ll definitely be ordering this book. Thanks again!
Feb 09 2018
at 1:25 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi! At Amazon you can look inside the book. If you are signed as a customer, there will be more to read. To do this, you have to browse in the book and activate "surprise me". I hope, you understand, I am not an English native speaking person. Kai-Uwe
Feb 08 2018
at 8:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Many thanks for the heads-up on this one, ZMan! I just added it to my wish/get list. Cheers.
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