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SUBJECT: Great Ralph Towner interview by Anil Prasad Back to Subjects
Dec 06 2017
at 1:52 PM Talks about everything under the sun: Oregon, Zawinul/Weather Report, Jaco, Allan Holdsworth, McLaughlin, Keith Jarrett, health stuff, classical guitar and LOTS more; mentions being interviewed for the upcoming "The Incredible Journey of Weather Report." Possibly the best Towner interview I’ve ever read.
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Dec 07 2017
at 11:00 AM
Bookmark and Share "When I think of John Abercrombie, I have a flood of joyous memories of the years we spent touring, playing and just hanging out. We lived two cross-town blocks away from each other in the 2000s. When we weren’t touring, we would still spend time together. He brought so much joy to everyone who heard him or met him, and that’s what remains indelibly."
Dec 07 2017
at 8:01 AM
Bookmark and Share bobsmith1 - thanks fer posting the towner interview . . . . i just read it & it was super. love the tale about recording w/weather report. was also glad to hear that mccandless is playing more oboe on the new oregon record . . . . even tho he plays lovely soprano, i have always preferred him on the double reeds, ’specially the english horn. there’s many, many, as joe zawinul would say, TOO many soprano sax players, but hardly any players that can wield the double reeds like paul mccandless . . . . . am looking forward to hearing ’the lantern’! thanks again for alerting all of us to that interview.
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