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Nov 09 2017
at 11:59 AM
Yesterday at the gig towards the end, the band played a fantastic uptempo tune with an excellent Gwilym on piano. It was the tune before only Pat and Linda played. Anyone out there still having to go to an upcoming concert, please try to find out what it was. I got all Pat`s albums, know everything by heart, but this tune I didn’t recognize. Gwilym was just brilliant ...cheers
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Nov 30 2017
at 12:38 PM
Bookmark and Share yes there was an interview with Pat where he stated that the band has recorded an album of all new tunes but that he was too busy finish it. He compared it to how Miles Davis used to work with some his bands in the past.
Nov 23 2017
at 6:32 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ve read somewhere that Pat has already made a record with this band which is waiting to be released. It may be a tune from it.
Nov 22 2017
at 8:07 AM
Bookmark and Share I wasn’t at the same gig but at Warwick and London the band played a tune I didn’t know at the point in the set that you refer to. Memory might be paying tricks, what with all the excitement, but the first part had a sort of pop-ish power chord intro on the guitar (not the Roland), then a be-boppish head and then Gwilym cut in with a syncopated, Keith Jarrettish section, before the whole band joined in and shifted up through the gears. There was a recurring section that seemed to go through a cycle of chords: I had it for a while but now all I can think of is the loopy arpeggios in Eric Johnson’s ‘Cliffs of Dover’. Some setlisters have cited an early tune called ‘Six and Eleven’ which never made it on an album, but I don’t think that was it because it doesn’t have enough different sections. Amazing concerts - it’s still a bit difficult to listen to any other music!
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