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Nov 04 2017
at 9:00 PM
Curious if anyone out there is a fan of this album produced in 1969 by Quincy Jones. Personally, an album that led me into modern jazz, .... had Ray Brown, Freddie Hubbard, Totts Theilman etc. A great classic ...
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Dec 07 2017
at 11:11 AM
Bookmark and Share Quincy has transcended so many trends...The Dude. Velas with Toots...
Nov 13 2017
at 9:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Geez, thanks, at least someone caught my egregious spelling error ! .....Poor Toots, I knew better :). As for the album, it might have been been the last hurrah for Quincy as a jazz icon..
Nov 11 2017
at 3:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Don’t know the album but I’m guessing you mean Toots Thielemans...
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