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Oct 19 2017
at 12:33 PM
Due to the surplus amount of social media I guess people’s enthusiasm for posting about the gigs on here has diminished. There was a time when the Group/Qrt/Trio whatever would play a gig in a remote town in Poland and at least 10 people would use what English they know to tell us how great it was. So, what I’m saying is... how the gigs going out on the Continent? No need for a setlist or review but just, you know, the vibe...
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Nov 11 2017
at 4:36 PM
Bookmark and Share Saw Unity Group in Manchester a few years ago at the Lowry where the acoustics were superb. Really looking forward to see/hear the quartet in Belfast on Tuesday.
Nov 11 2017
at 5:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Yet another great Pat Metheny gig chalked up in London last night - what a delight. Lucky Hull tonight then Dublin, Belfast, Iceland.
Nov 10 2017
at 5:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Great to hear Bxl, thanks for posting
Nov 09 2017
at 4:53 AM
Bookmark and Share I went to see the quartet for the third time yesterday evening in over a year. I was at Ronnie Scotts in London in 2016, which was a fantastic experience because of the legendary venue and the intimacy but yesterday was another fantastic gig on another level. The band played a whole other setlist compared to last year with a lot of tunes from the early albums but with a lot of improvisation and personal touches, especially by pianist Gwilym Simcock who was simply sublime! As always it was a treat to see Antonio at work who for me is without any doubt the best drummer around. I was also very excited with the performance of Linda Oh, who grew a lot within the band compared to last year. And Pat? What is there to say, it’s seems he’s getting even better with the years, simply a genius, I just love him. Also the crowd was very respectfull. People understood the music, were very much into the concert and applauded on the right moments. So for those amongst you waiting to go out there and see the quartet : you will enjoy!! Be well.
Nov 03 2017
at 2:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Good to hear! thanks for posting... by they way, anyone with a spare ticket for Barbican, London please let me know. I’ve got one but need two more!
Nov 01 2017
at 9:43 AM
Bookmark and Share Will see and hear Pat and the quartet just this weekend, on Saturday, in Budapest. I am sure the vibe will be as usual. Can’t wait for the magic. Will try and give some nice eloquent feedback afterwards.
Oct 27 2017
at 3:15 AM
Bookmark and Share I attended two gigs; Luzern and Geneva in Switzerland. Two vastly different venues, one modern and purpose built, the other dating back to 1850 ish and known for classical concerts. So very different in terms of sound and vibe. What they had in common was that Pat and the band seemed to be loving every minute, he had a permanent grin on his face throughout. They were “cookin” both nights as they say! For me it’s back home to the UK and a two week wait for the London Jazz Festival gig at the Barbican, it’ll be interesting to compare the gigs with a fortnights worth of playing in between.
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