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Sep 24 2017
at 12:48 PM
A while back a picture of Pat with Jeff Beck was posted. Considering how extremely creative they both are, I’ve often wondered what kind of ’Musical mischief’ they would get up to if given some studio time together. Just someone in the booth (Steve Rodby perhaps) pressing the button and saying ... "We’re rollin’ ...". Wow, it could be an ’ear opener’! ... and tons of fun for these 2 unique talents! Anyone with the same thoughts?
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Oct 05 2017
at 12:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Re: Jeff’s fusion phase ... No, I have been and was thinking of the ’deeper/emotional’ elements of his and Pat creative sensitivities. Maybe in more of an expansive nature with an idea that they find whatever expressions ( Joy, Bravado, Intimate, Playful ... etc.) that their different sensibilities can mine ’in the moment’. Just seems as though these two bring so much of themselves to the moment every time ... Both of them are able to touch their listeners with the way they present the ’next’ note(s) they choose. ps: Thank you all for your thoughts ...
Oct 03 2017
at 9:38 AM
Bookmark and Share definably an interesting possible collaboration. Jeff can be almost as eclectic as Pat in his playing. Are you thinking of the fusion Jeff like when he has played with Stanley Clarke and John McLaughlin or how he plays on the more recent albums he has recorded ?
Oct 02 2017
at 4:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for your thoughts! Those tunes would definitely be great collaborations. I was also considering what ’Aural Journey’ these 2 would take us all on if they fed off some ’in-the-moment’ musical landscapes of their own creation ... They are both so able to go straight to the emotional heart/soul and ’say the things that CAN’T be said’ using words! I do LOVE Music as it is a ’communion’ which is made up of half what the musician/artist brings and half what the ’listeners experience/sensitivity’ brings to the moment ... Once again, Thank you for your responses!
Oct 01 2017
at 6:56 AM
Bookmark and Share And Jeff playing on "Are You Going With Me", or Pat playing on "Nadia".
Sep 26 2017
at 8:13 PM
Bookmark and Share I can easily hear Pat’s Roland on " ’Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers".
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