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Aug 01 2017
at 2:18 PM
I know I’m early here, but I wanted to maybe start the ball rolling. Pat’s Bday is on the cusp so here’s wishing Pat and his family a great celebration! Thanks again Pat for ALL the Enjoyment, Solace, and Fond Memories you’ve shared with us this year. May only good times and Love be in your future! Safe journeys, and here’s hoping your next years are your best years ...
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Aug 12 2017
at 3:26 AM
Bookmark and Share Dear Pat: Happy birthday...!!!! It is a real privilege to listen your music since forty years ago and still surprising me with every new álbum and concert..... You have and will have an honored site in music always and forever... Warm Regards from Mexico City...
Aug 10 2017
at 7:52 AM
Bookmark and Share I moved here to Richmond two years ago and can’t wait to see him on Saturday! Festivals are a great place for Pat cause the general population is clueless about this genius’s existence!
Aug 08 2017
at 12:07 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat will never, never get ’old’. !!!
Aug 02 2017
at 1:02 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve got an idea. Let’s throw a surprise party for Pat in Richmond Virginia!
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