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Jul 19 2011
at 11:37 PM
We have a very nice tradition down here in Argentina, we celebrate Best friend´s day on June 20th. It becomes actually a one-week celebration so that one can meet and celebrate with different groups -childhood´s friends, work friends, etc.- I can´t help to feel with everyone in this forum a special bonding, like the one I share with other animal rescuers like me: the admiration almost turned into affection towards this person who´s music -and personality- has touched us in such a unique way. So... HAPPY BEST FRIENDS TO ALL PATMETHENIANS IN THE WORLD!!! Namasté!!!
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Jul 20 2011
at 1:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, I propose a "Orchestrion - the DVD" day. Soon please.
Jul 20 2011
at 1:20 PM
Bookmark and Share "a special bonding" eh ? well , why not ? I often get that loctite feeling when I log in here ! How about a ’significant other’ day ? what of a ’those we have loved and lost’ day ? could get a bit syrupy after a while . What the heck , I’m getting to that age where it doesnt matter any more . ha!
Tom Rudd
Jul 20 2011
at 10:00 AM
Bookmark and Share That’s a nice thing to do! Have fun!
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