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Jul 14 2017
at 9:30 AM
Last solo road trip headed north into Michigan - first leg was I-75 through Ohio with Bob Dylan double-feature "Tempest" and "Love And Theft" interspersed with NPR. Various state highways heading northwest toward Lake Michigan and I put on some Pat ("The Orchestrion Project", "The Way Up"), then picked up M-22 just north of Manistee and some ECM comfort food (Kenny Wheeler "Gnu High", Eberhard Weber "Yellow Fields") arriving in Traverse City where I heard a great little jazz group in a bar play Scofield and Monk tunes. Heading north from TC along the lakeshore and alternated between Codona and Old And New Dreams. But once I crossed over the Big Mack bridge into the UP the solo pianists took over, Keith Jarrett "Staircase", Paul Bley "Open To Love" and Glenn Gould playing Bach. A heavenly couple days in Grand Marais, then stuck with Jarrett ("Death And The Flower", "Shades", "Mysteries") making my reluctant way south. I-75 most of the way back home accompanied by Charles Ives symphonies and violin sonatas. Mind you, I got away with this playlist only because I was by myself. DortGirl would have protested, and the kids would have mutinied... Cheers from Porkopolis...
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Jul 15 2017
at 11:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Dortboy. ... Thanks for the musical travelogue and having spent years in Michigan, a great way to survive the drive. And you can only be alone and really get into the music appropriately, hope you took an Offramp or two, and had an Imaginary Day :))
Jul 15 2017
at 11:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Nothing like a scenic drive with great music!
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