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Jul 05 2017
at 12:45 PM
I have been working the tunes out of the book for a a few weeks now. Pleased with the inclusion of a few "Speaking of Now" charts. Lots of the trio, quartet and recent material following Speaking of Now..plastic spine so the book lays flat on the first time. Please list any favorite tunes...
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Aug 12 2017
at 11:32 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi d’heat...yes,I play piano same format as the Real Book.
Aug 04 2017
at 3:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Is the book suitable for piano?
Jul 20 2017
at 3:49 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks guys for the info on my query of Chord symbols
Jul 14 2017
at 4:09 AM
Bookmark and Share much of the unity band stuff. those tunes are deceptively complex.
Jul 12 2017
at 7:42 PM
Bookmark and Share triangle is major...minus is minor....
Jul 10 2017
at 3:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Tilbanup--you’re right about the symbols you mentioned. Check out for a list to help you out further.
Jul 09 2017
at 6:53 AM
Bookmark and Share tilbanup: yes, the minus sign is for a minor chord. the triangle denotes a ’major seventh’ chord. also, often times a diminished chord is represented by a very small ’zero’, or ’degrees’ sign; other times it’s written out as ’dim’ . . . . everybody has different ways of notating, but there are a few that remain relatively universal, such as the + sign for an augmented chord.
Jul 08 2017
at 11:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Have been wanting to learn the opening riff to A Night Away, now I know. I’m not familiar with the chord diagrams. I assume the triangle after the letter of the chord is a major , a minus symbol is a minor chord. I have the Song Book, The Real book has some additional tunes I really would like the learn.
Jul 07 2017
at 12:15 PM
Bookmark and Share From Speaking of Now ...Afternoon, Another Life, On Her Way and You...
Jul 07 2017
at 8:10 AM
Bookmark and Share hi Marshall ...yes it is.
Jul 06 2017
at 7:10 AM
Bookmark and Share You from Speaking Of Now...but not The Gathering Sky which would have been my favorite piece to work on.
Jul 05 2017
at 6:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Is "You" from Speaking of Now in there?
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