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Jun 15 2017
at 4:37 AM
It was stormy all afternoon and drizzly til 20-30 minutes in but all that did was seed, nourish, & blossom one of the most memorable concert performances I’ve ever seen. I can recognize the melody of many Pat Metheny songs but without a album or cd cover in hand can’t remember the titles live. I do know he did So It May Secretly Begin & Have You Heard the 2nd & 3rd songs of the night and right there my moneys’ worth was covered. Three - or was it 4? - encores including one where PM sat alone center stage and performed an acoustic medley that included Last Train Home and Chris off the Falcon & Snowman record. To say the audience was rapt would be wholly - and woefully - inadequate. I’m a Mays, Wertico, Rodby guy but Pat’s accompanists this time were all simply magnificent - and the man himself ... Well ... what can you say? I was watching a musical artist whom, in my opinion, future generations will rank up there w/ Mozart. Another part of one of the encores was Wichita Lineman that, given Glen Campbell’s Alzheimer’s was touching to the point that it left the audience in silent reverent awe - as moving a musical moment I’ve ever experienced and in my entire life as well. Ravinia is an outdoor venue carved out of woods with a canopied band shell seating perhaps 1000 and that half mooned by a vast meadow for picnic type viewing. It’s simply an idyllic atmosphere - after dark the place becomes almost magical and believe me, tonight its An Evening Pat Metheny was just that. By the last note of the last encore and Pat’s last bow to his admirers, I’m confident in saying everyone in attendance considered what they had just experienced not soon - if ever - to be forgotten.
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Jun 26 2017
at 9:53 AM
Bookmark and Share I saw Pat there several years ago with Gary Burton and Quartet. It’s a really nice venue!
Jun 19 2017
at 11:08 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks ! .... love your description, almost as if i attended , I haven’t been to Chicago in 40 years, but early in June my wife says we’re going to stay on the river, gratis, Marina Towers and do the city. Then I see Ravinia with Pat is June 14 ... but, no, it eon’t work, I’m outta luck and disappointed. So, reading your description was at least a nice substitute for not being there...
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