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SUBJECT: Pat Receiving 2018 NEA Jazz Masters Award! Back to Subjects
Jun 13 2017
at 9:33 AM
Fantastic news and beyond well-deserved that Pat is receiving this prestigious award! I saw this news this morning on The New York Times’ website. Here’s the press release: Congratulations, Pat!
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Jun 17 2017
at 9:04 AM
Bookmark and Share This man and his work will impact music forever. It is difficult to comprehend that he is under appreciated at this time. However we all know that this sort of thing happens in the arts as we equally know that his excellence will shine in a forever way. He lifts up thru his music both layman and those of his own caliber. Yes thank you for the treasures you have given to us all Pat Metheny . Your decency and deep commitment to teaching and sharing introducing young and old talents of so many has expanded so many of us to the rich and wonderful world of music in the broadest sense. My nick-name for you is expansion. Thanks again for all of your work.
Jun 13 2017
at 10:50 PM
Bookmark and Share I was at the show at the Kennedy Center when they announced that Pat won. He came on stage to a standing ovation and said he is glad it is months away as he doesn’t know what to say now. He was very moved. The show and band were great!!
Jun 13 2017
at 10:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, as we all know, Pat is transformational in the jazz world and under appreciated for his creativity and talent. Anyways, congratulations and thanks Pat for your musical genius ..
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