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Tom Rudd
Jun 12 2017
at 6:10 AM
Pat Metheny ripped the roof off the Wilbur theatre last night. Amazing show! Pat’s music can be as delicate and beautiful as one can imagine or as raucous and abstract and just plain jaw dropping, as if you can’t believe what you just saw. Linda Oh was just fantastic unbelievable talent. Gwilym’s piano was lush and expressive. And Antonio what can you say he’s just a Monster. One of the best technically, and stylish drummers in the world. He owns the kit. What a great show with 4 encore tunes. Enjoyed myself immensely. Of course I always do at a Metheny show. Thank you Pat you have once again enriched my life!~
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Jun 14 2017
at 2:59 PM
Bookmark and Share i was there too...2nd row up front behind Gwilym. Pat's performance was effervescent. He nodded and smiled saying ’great!’ after Gwilym soloed and just seemed to be having a blast. One of the best Pat shows i have ever seen!
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