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Apr 17 2017
at 7:04 AM
The great Allan Holdsworth passed away on April, 15, 2017. Saw with Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto & Terry Bozzio and with different trios. The John Coltrane of the guitar according to Ruben Ford.
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May 14 2017
at 2:14 AM
Bookmark and Share Saw Alan in Bruford in summer ’78 in Norman, OKLA...with Jeff Berlin on electric bass and THE Dave Stewart (no not that one) on electric ten gig I have ever witnessed...such a unique voice...
Apr 20 2017
at 12:12 AM
Bookmark and Share foxesfred--That’s a great story. Two guys with class, Pat and Allan. I’ve read so many comments from musicians and others that knew Allan and they all have said what a kind and generous person that he was aside from his astounding talent. I never got to meet him but did see him with his trio in the mid-80’s at UNLV--he opened for the Steve Morse Band and of course they blew everyone away. I’m not entirely sure of the personnel at the time, I think Chad Wackerman and Jimmy Johnson. I’ll never forget when Morse came on stage he kind of waxed incredulous at Allan’s chops in a humorous way, sort of indicating that no one else was in his league.
Apr 19 2017
at 12:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Allan sat behind me for the Speaking of Now tour in Escondido (San Diego). After the show Pat left the stage to personally greet and thank him for attending. Allan was a class act!
Apr 17 2017
at 10:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Wow, terrible news, really a shock! In my opinion, the greatest lead guitarist of all time. He seemed to be able to play anything that he wanted to or could imagine. No speed or complexity was beyond him and it was all musical, it all served the music at the highest level, and his compositions were otherworldly. A category of his own is an understatement. What a loss.
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