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Feb 22 2017
at 8:02 AM
acknowledging the passing of larry coryell, it could be noted that pat must surely have been a fan of larry’s, as LC was sooo important to the gary burton group of the late 1960’s. and we know that pat was all over those records, especially ’duster’, ’lofty fake anagram’, and ’in concert’. the stuff that coryell was playing in that band still hasn’t been repeated, and although he’ll be ’remembered’ as a ’fusion’ (that word again!!) guy, he was far more vital than that. his later stuff, especially the record ’spaces’, was also quite incredible, but i still find it so typical that all three articles i’ve read this morning (rolling stone, jazztimes, and downbeat) just barely mention coryell’s tenure w/burton. it’s all about ’fusion’ and ’fast-playing’. always about ’flash’, rarely about substance, these writers tend to be. also of notable mention was coryell’s group w/bobby moses, ’the free spirits’. coryell was one of a kind.
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