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SUBJECT: Any Guthrie Govan fans in here? Back to Subjects
Jan 21 2017
at 1:28 PM
I recently learned about Guthrie Govan through his work on Steven Wilson’s Hand Cannot Erase album, which had two absolutely killer guitar solos. He’s a fantastic improviser with wonderful phrasing and outstanding chops. Here’s a bit of a sample:
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Aug 18 2017
at 3:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, certainly. Check out his trio, the Aristocrats.
Jan 30 2017
at 8:48 AM
Bookmark and Share Here’s another great one of him playing Donna Lee:
Jan 30 2017
at 8:45 AM
Bookmark and Share He also plays the solo on "Drive Home." Apparently this was his warm-up solo, where he was playing through it once to remember the changes (and also during which one of his guitar nuts popped out!), but Steven Wilson liked the take so much he kept it in the album. There are a bunch of YouTube videos of him playing along with background tracks. One I like that shows off his insane bending abilities can be seen here: v=IwWc_Wyl5HA#t=1m45s.
Jan 29 2017
at 12:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, fantastic guitarist! His solos on Wilson HCE album are just great! Don’t know anything else from him, though. This album is a pure wonder ! Saw the concert of this tour, absolutely fantastic! Mr. Govan was not there, it was David Kilminster, who played with Roger Waters.
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