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SUBJECT: Metheny-themed Lego-creations! Back to Subjects
Dec 20 2016
at 8:19 AM
Hello fellow garagers! I thought that you might enjoy my recent Lego-creations so I’m here to spread the word. I’ve made several jazz-themed Lego-creations recently under the common title of JazzBricks (they’re part of an exhibition I’ve currently got displayed at a public library here in my native Finland under that same title). Among other things I’ve created a diorama of Ornette Coleman’s quartet at the Five Spot in 1959, an ECM-recording session, various minifigures and Pat’s Orchestrion out of Lego! I’ve sorted the pics into various albums which you can find on my Facebook page (the photoalbums are labeled as public, so feel free to share with your jazz-fan friends if you like). I’ve also posted the pics on my instagram-profile. I’m not sure if the rules here at the garage allow for posting direct links, so I’m just gonna leave some instructions for how to find the pics. Facebook: search my name (Alonzo Aju Heino) and you’ll find my profile and the mentioned albums on my wall. Instagram: search either my name or my nick (aju_the_arch_idiot) and you’ll find my profile. I hope you enjoy the Lego-stuff and I wish a merry Xmas to you all!
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Jan 23 2017
at 3:16 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey Mugsy, thanks a lot for the support and the nice words! Most appreciated! The way the thing works, is that you need to get to 100 votes within 60 days and then you get a year to round up 1000 votes. If that goal is met by a project, then another 6 months is added to reach the midpoint - that is 5000 votes. Then another 6 months is added to reach the end goal of 10000 votes. The "Jazz Studio Session (ECM Records)" -project that I’ve created stands at 80 votes currently with 40 days to go to get to the first checkpoint of a 100 votes. Every vote helps and I humbly thank anyone who takes their time to support this creation! All the best to you, fellow jazz, ECM and Pat -fans!
Jan 22 2017
at 8:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Aloc and everyone, I just viewed your lego set and LOVE it! I signed up and supported your set. PLEASE keep us posted as to whether or not you get the 10,000 votes. I will send the link to friends - hopefully to help you reach that goal. Very clever! Happy New Year to all, Mugsy
Jan 11 2017
at 5:59 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks Gyuri for the nice comment! :) ...actually I have submitted a set proposal to the Lego Ideas site. Lego Ideas is an official Lego-run site that allows users to submit their proposals for Lego sets. If a project gets 10000 votes, the Lego group then will review the set and decide whether to make it to an actual, official Lego set. The latest sets of this sort that got released were the Beatles with the Yellow Submarine and an Adventure Time animation series -set. My set proposal is called "Jazz Studio Session (ECM Records)" and you can find it here: If it were to get into the review process, Lego would then work out the contract details with ECM and Pat. If you want to, please support my project and help it become a real Lego set! If you like what I’ve done, feel free to share it forward! If you support the project, the site asks you to state how much you’d pay for such a set were it released. In advice to this I’ll say that usually Lego sets of such a size retail at the 50-100 dollar range. Best regards to all and many thanks in advance to those whom took the time to support this project!
Jan 06 2017
at 8:53 AM
Bookmark and Share Happy New Year to all. Yours sounds like a very original idea. My son is a great LEGO fan. Who knows, LEGO might contact PM about teaming up and producing a range of PM-inspired toy sets. They are both at the top of their game.
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