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Mike S.
Nov 21 2016
at 7:31 AM
I love PM radio, I play it all day in my math classroom in an effort to try to reach students musically as well as mathematically. However, the Anna Marie Jopek songs are awful! They sound like that annoying smooth jazz that makes me want to gag! The song with the sax sounds like something Kenny G. would do! Please eliminate her from PM Radio! Does anyone agree or am I wrong on this one?
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Dec 15 2016
at 6:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Liking/ disliking will always be a matter of one persons subjective taste and preference. I`ve been following Pat/ PMG since round -78, and I`m still suprised with almost every recording he does. Mostly in a positive way. The Jopek album is just another example of that. I think Pat`s soloing on this record is some of his best work, and I never get tired of it. Jopek`s voice blends perfectly with Pat`s guitar, and so does her polish singing. It`s almost like the vocalese stuff on Speaking of Now (with Bona). The sax may be a bit off, but doesn`t ruin anything for me.
Dec 03 2016
at 11:42 AM
Bookmark and Share In response to alan2461, there is an interesting back story to this. Anna Maria Jopek from Poland approached Metheny with the idea of doing vocal versions of some of his songs, wherein she would add vocals to them with lyrics in Polish. Pat recognized the beautiful voice and talent she possessed and decided to go to Poland to honor the great relationship he has had with Poland and the Polish people for many years. They worked on the album for many, many hours with Pat’s discipline, which reached a point when the musicians were already complaining. They were hungry, not getting enough breaks, etc.... Long story short, the album became such a success in the entire country and generated a lot of attention for Jopek and her band. A Cinderella story. Not sure how accurate this story was, but it was shared by a friend from Poland.
Dec 02 2016
at 6:59 AM
Bookmark and Share well, if you’re looking for a ’be-bop’ album, then thissun won’t fill the bill. but, and ya’ll might recall, that everything pat has done hasn’t always been mainstream jazz. in fact, pat has said in the past that he & jaco were quite intent on ’rebelling’ against the ’norm’ in the ’straight jazz’ world. now, over time, pat has somewhat embraced his status as a ’jazz legend’, but, for my $$$, his most revealing stuff has always been off the grid, i.e. ’as falls wichita’, ’speaking of now’, or ’song X’. there’s enough people out there trying to copy bird & trane - we will always need more ’rebels’ . . . . the entire country needs more dissenters, not only in the music world. ’dumbed down and numbed out’ is no way to go through life, says i.
Mike S.
Nov 29 2016
at 10:02 AM
Bookmark and Share I have a hard time liking the piano parts as well, just too tinklely!!!
Nov 22 2016
at 8:09 PM
Bookmark and Share I wouldn’t go as far as you and say they make me gag. I would say I am not particularly fond of them. Does anyone know how Pat became to know her and record with her?
Nov 22 2016
at 6:43 AM
Bookmark and Share i agree that the saxophone player on that record w/anna maria is ’out of tune’, and fairly maudlin . . . . HOWEVER, the bulk of that record is a rare bird, indeed. i think that to miss the glowing transcendence of this album simply because of a smattering of not very good sax playing would be unfortunate.
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