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Oct 08 2016
at 5:59 PM
Hi everyone, I saw an amazing Brad Mehldau show last night! He and his regular trio, along with Mark Guiliana, Josh Redman and a 28 member chamber orchestra recreated Highway Rider! It was an incredible show! As the second set began, Mehldau placed a wireless gadget next to the piano’s pedals. The best way to describe it is that it was a square unit with LED lights (the "guts" I presume) and then there was a pedal on either side. He was playing a Grand - with no obvious synths or other electronic gadgets (at least that I saw). Does anyone out there know what this gizmo is????
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Oct 18 2016
at 12:57 AM
Bookmark and Share If you were 18" away, you were sharing the piano bench with him. you should have just asked him yourself :)
Oct 13 2016
at 1:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Bob Smith1, Thanks for the suggestion, but although he did have an iPad type thing with I believe iGig sheet music, he turned pages with his hand hitting the bottom corner of the tablet. I was sitting literally 18" away from him. A musician friend of mine suggested that it may have been for a recording device of some kind (start/stop pedals). This may be one of those things I will never know...
Oct 12 2016
at 9:10 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ll take a stab...I’m not a pianist but could it have been a wireless Sheet-Music Flipper? Did he have some sort of tablet or screen in his view that might have had sheet music on it? Since you mention 2 pedals I’ll bet that’s what it was...backward and forward. The link below shows one.
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