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Sep 25 2016
at 11:56 PM
I was fortunate enough to recently attend both the Boulder and (next night) Ft. Collins CO concerts of the ’An Evening with Pat’ tour. Both nights were memorable, for different reasons. As always Pat put together a quartet of outstanding musicians and showcased their talents with generosity and fervor. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to Pat, Antonio, Linda, and Gwilym for coming out and performing for us all. Thank you, and may you all have a great rest of the year ... you’ve helped to make mine!
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Feb 02 2017
at 8:36 PM
Bookmark and Share In St Petersburg last night, absolutely stunning show. Started out with tunes from Travels, etc and worked into a series of great duets and solos by all members of the group. Some really fantastic rhythmic if not discordant pieces. Antonio went wild as usual and Linda Oh really showing her chops on the bass. Pat puts everything into it !
Feb 02 2017
at 11:08 AM
Bookmark and Share Jacksonville tomorrow night simply cannot wait. He seems to come thru here about every other year the week of my birthday. Can you imagine a more wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. As far as I can count this will be my 19th PM concert.
Jan 29 2017
at 10:32 PM
Bookmark and Share Going to the Charlotte, NC show tomorrow tonight in the beautiful and acoustically awesome Knight Theater downtown...not too big, not too small...just right. Everybody will have a great seat. Fabulous amenities nearby and the very best way to start out the new year...jazzed!
Jan 23 2017
at 12:47 AM
Bookmark and Share Red Bank show tonight. Beautiful night. Emotional night. Great band. Unbelievable really how they play. New songs, old songs like old friends. Fresh! Than you so much to the band and everyone who made the night possible. Excited for the new record!
Jan 21 2017
at 12:30 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s hard to read all of these, up here in Canada. We are the foresaken land on this tour! Thanks for sharing though - enjoying it vicariously will have to do.
Jan 19 2017
at 5:30 AM
Bookmark and Share Looking forward to the Feb. 3rd show in Jacksonville FL. My 6th one over the last 35 years.
Jan 18 2017
at 8:58 AM
Bookmark and Share We saw the show last nite at the Portsmouth Music Hall in Portsmouth NH. 2 1/2 hours of great music !! Great show by all - Antonio was a powerhouse - fantastic drumming by one of the best out there today !! Great nite - THANKS PAT !!
Jan 12 2017
at 7:44 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m going to see Pat on January 20th in Ridgefield, CT. Can’t wait!
Nov 23 2016
at 10:24 AM
Bookmark and Share It was a great show in St. Louis. I especially liked "Travels"!
Mike S.
Nov 21 2016
at 7:33 AM
Bookmark and Share So looking forward to them coming to VT in January as it’s only about an hour from my home in NH to the Barre Opera House! Would have been better if they came back to Hanover, NH!
Oct 29 2016
at 11:40 AM
Bookmark and Share Pining for this iteration of Pat’s people to come north of the border to quench the collective Canadian thirst.
Oct 22 2016
at 11:55 PM
Bookmark and Share We Coloradans have been blessed with multiple Pat sightings this fall, while usually it’s a year or two between tours. I was especially impressed with Chatauqua’s audience, which was leaning in and very appreciative. Pat’s playing was ablaze, completely improvisational. I hope my young niece, who hasn’t listened to jazz, got something out of it! Anyway, what was that hollow-body guitar, looked like a baritone, that seemed to spit out synth chords on single-note free jazz runs?
Oct 17 2016
at 9:28 AM
Bookmark and Share seems that you had a "life is good" experience. thanks for sharing. I wish they would come to Michigan.
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