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SUBJECT: Newest Chatauqua: Pat jams in Boulder’s landmark Back to Subjects
Sep 22 2016
at 1:03 AM
Tonight’s appearance in Boulder, brought a surprising amount of surprises. Three new guitars were introduced, with bold new sounds. Familiar songs grew new prologues and sequels. The new band is already a tight, responsive unit. Linda swings the bass like a pendulum, looking transformed into some Pat-like trance as she plays a vigorous, adventurous line. And Simcock had the crowd in his pocket from the first measures of his solos. The solid logic and development of his solos reminded me of Lyle, and nobody else reminds me of Lyle. Pat’s playing more free and loose than ever. That probably made it tougher for my niece, who we brought along. It was her first jazz concert, so it was a lot to take in. Knowing the songs, a seasoned fan can compare their memory of the original with the improvisations, but shad to catch the songs on the fly, in altered form . It was "interesting," she said, weighing her words. But the variety of moods was so broad that I’m sure some of it found her ear. Overall, it was a highly appreciative crowd, with many standing O’s. I could hear whispering down the rows as vintage titles were recognized. Afterward, a guy outside told me, "I feel like we’ve been blessed."
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Sep 22 2016
at 2:59 PM
Bookmark and Share I just want to add, I have seen Pat Metheny many times since the mid-80s. This audience was the best, most pleasant I have ever encountered for a Pat Metheny concert. The songs were allowed to finish before clapping, no surreptitious cell-phone recording (at least that I could see) and a genuine respect for the music. I’m sure Pat felt comfortable playing in front of this audience and it showed! Many thanks! Kind regards.
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