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Sep 18 2016
at 3:16 AM
Thank you Pat and company for the most amazing concert!! This was truly a special night, as Pat said, he’s been playing concerts for some 45yrs or so practically non stop, but this night was unique, like we were in "someone’s patio" just listening and enjoying the best music ever! There were new musicians, Linda Oh on bass , Gwilym Simcock on piano along with Antonio on drums, such talent, so energizing! Playing wide range of Pat’s "catalog" music ,with a little twist thrown in, to me was so nostalgic yet fresh , so unbelievably incredible!! And there were NEW tunes------ wow!!!!!! Don’t know the names but can’t wait to listen to those again!! You could see they were all having such a good time, as we were all treated to a very special evening!! Sadly, after 2 "short" hrs the concert was coming to an end, but as the group went off stage the audience starting to "sing" the chorus to Minuano, everyone joined in, then Pat came back out and played the most enchanting acoustic version beginning with.....!!!!! It could NOT have been any better or memorable----------Pat how do you do it???!!! But thank you for this evening, thank you for your music and thank you to the most talented group of musicians that provided a very special and most memorable evening. Don’t miss this show!!
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