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Sep 09 2016
at 6:05 PM
Last evening, Pat and company opened the 5th season for SFJAZZ. SFJAZZ has been around for many more years, but it is the 5th season in their new venue and the first time that Pat has played there. (Linda Oh and Antonio have played there before). It was really a great show. Pat ripped through many of his classics with a slightly different twist on most. The energy between the four players was really fun to watch - lots of smiling, nodding and you could tell they were enjoying themselves - as was the sold out crowd. They were all incredible, but I have to say (for me) Gwilym Simcock on piano really stood out. I can see him becoming quite a figure in the jazz community and I hope Pat does some more work with him. Linda Oh was really great on bass- but somewhat subdued. Antonio was his usual explosive self -never missing a beat! They are playing again tonight, tomorrow and two shows on Sunday! If you are in the bay area, I strongly recommend seeing this ensemble. I will be seeing them again on Tuesday in Sonoma.
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