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Sep 01 2016
at 1:05 PM
Hi everyone. Pat’s bro here. Pat wrote a nice Foreword for this book about our friend John McKee. (As many of you will already know, Pat also wrote a tune called “John McKee” that can be heard on Jack DeJohnette’s “Parallel Realities.”) I was very lucky to have had this spirited correspondence with John in the mid to late ’80s. Ordering info and more about the book can be found at
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Mar 25 2018
at 4:24 PM
Bookmark and Share FYI... While my website is down, the book can be purchased at amazon. Same with many of my CDs. Thanks! mm
Mar 06 2018
at 8:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Naut ..... Mike’s handle is Patsbro. ... he’d appreciate any inquiries I’m sure
Mar 06 2018
at 5:00 PM
Bookmark and Share I finally got a copy of "Old Friends Are the Best Friends." Wow, that puppy is a monster book! Haven’t delved into it too much yet, but I will when I finish up my Le Guin and Berry reading. Does anyone know how to contact Mike?
Nov 29 2017
at 1:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Perfect for under the tree! (And available at amazon dot com) mm
Dec 01 2016
at 11:08 AM
Bookmark and Share I second the recommendation for John Molder. There is a PMG connection , he regularly plays with Paul Wertico, check out the Wertico release ’Another Side’ , a trio with John in it. There is a spiritual connection also , John is also a Catholic priest as well as a world-class musician.
Nov 29 2016
at 7:46 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ll definitely check out your recommendations, Naut. Hope you’ve already gone to hear Pat’s new band recently. .. saw them in SF and soon in Tampa, Now ... Mike’s book. ’ Old friends are the best friends’. It’s 500 pages, soft cover, and it’s a book you should have permanently close to your reading zone, It will cover all aspects of 70’s and 80’s culture. ... religion, music, culture and life in general in those days, but the writing is witty and insightful. McKee was indeed an exceptional fellow, not your average Midwesterner. Cheers.
Nov 19 2016
at 7:50 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the update on the read, patsfan. I’ve been wondering if you’d give is a little review. Looks like a book I’d like to get a hard copy of. I detest ereaders! And since I’m here, a little mention of "What are you listening to now": John Moulder’s "Bifrost," which has excellent acoustic picking and fiery electric guitar. Also, Wolfgang Muthspiel’s latest, "Rising Grace," on which he’s supported by the superb band of Brad Mehldau, Larry Grenadier, Brian Blade, and Ambrose Akinmusire on trumpet. Sublime. Cheers, bud!
Nov 17 2016
at 7:02 PM
Bookmark and Share Anyone who likes to read superbly written descriptions of the events and life in the 60s, 70s and 80s, deep debates about religion, politics and music will enjoy this book. A unique book journaling correspondence with an exceptional fellow named McKee, a friend of the Metheny's, a close friend of Mike’s, a musician; but above all an interesting and intelligent fellow.
Nov 14 2016
at 8:52 AM
Bookmark and Share Now available at Thanks -- mm
Oct 03 2016
at 9:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the feedback, patsfan. Yes, please take as much time as you need. It should be a good read for the coming winter months. And “you have composed” is only half accurate. I was mostly the off-camera voice to John McKee’s brilliant letters. Thanks again. mm
Oct 02 2016
at 10:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Mike ... Don’t know you check in occasionally, but i have received this TOME, you have composed ... 515 pages. ... Puts me to sleep at night , will take me months to get through it. But, what amazing tidbits on every page, can’t even describe except it defined life in the 80’s , jazz, politics, especially religion ( Christ would have liked jazz !) , etc , etc. The point is, your book is great for revisiting the past!
Sep 06 2016
at 11:38 PM
Bookmark and Share Mike. ... It’s ordered ! Also ordered Parallel Realities , an extra copy. I am going to hear Pat at SF Jazz this Sunday, but it looked like it might not be for sale there. I mean, really, this guy was special. ... (Pat comment. .... “John McKee was a force. And he is one of the major reasons I became the musician that I am now. To this day, he remains one of the most important and unique personalities I have ever known.” ). Hey, Mike, i’d love a signed copy ! (Smile)
Sep 06 2016
at 11:53 AM
Bookmark and Share The answers to your questions are in the book!... (smile) Mailed to you the same day as your order... I promise. Thanks -- mm
Sep 05 2016
at 12:48 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Mike ! I took time to read the excerpts from the John McKee book. Wow, I really understand now what kind of individual / intellectual he was and the influence on you and Pat growing up. Curious, was he a neighbor, family friend, music aficionado, or simply an intellectual in the small town of Lee’s Summit ? ( no longer small, it’s grown tenfold since Pat was born). I hate to ask why he died so early. Anyways, both of you were good thinkers, I encourage everyone to read those excerpts. And to listen to your albums, especially the most recent. Best Wishes !
Sep 03 2016
at 9:35 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes indeed, patsfan, John McKee (1945-1989) was a special friend of mine and Pat’s. Here is an excerpt from Pat’s foreword to the book: “John McKee was a force. And he is one of the major reasons I became the musician that I am now. To this day, he remains one of the most important and unique personalities I have ever known.” There is more info about “Old Friends Are the Best Friends” at my website ( And thanks for the kind words about the "Twelve For the Road" video on YouTube. Credit for that goes to Joseph Vella at Vella Interactive.
Sep 02 2016
at 11:47 PM
Bookmark and Share Mike, aka Patsbro, ... John McKee was my favorite tune on the Dejonnette album. He must have been, or is, a very special friend. I’ll have to check out the book. Anyways., checked out your album preview on Twelve for the Road, indeed a very mesmerizing rhythm ..... especially with the train tracks, the sunset, and the trail. .. like our lives ... Very nice music !
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