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Jul 25 2016
at 8:02 AM
Hello everybody, I am a lucky and proud owner of a brand new Ibanez PM 200, which I love it! I would like to share some impressions and open a discussion about tips and tricks to get the best from our beloved instruments. I would start with a question: When I play the B string I here some strong harmonics, namely an octave harmonic. I think that it is audible also on the other strings, but with the B string is really loud. It decreases a bit when I put my hand on the strings between the tailpiece and the bridge, but mostly it remains. That harmonic is most audible when the guitar is unplugged. When using the pickup everything is fine. Do you experience the same phenomenon? Thank you in advance for your replies and for sharing your experience with the wonderful Ibanez PM signature guitars. I wish you a great summer! Cheers, Vincenzo
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