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Jul 14 2011
at 1:49 AM
My download copy of WIAA includes the track "Round Midnight" and it occurs to me that there may be some other tracks from these session out there. Anyone know of more?
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Jul 14 2011
at 6:14 PM
Bookmark and Share we really dig roundmidnight, and after listening to this album for some reason i also started listening to some garyburton and ralph towner from matchbook.
Jul 14 2011
at 5:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Even though I purchased the CD I just ordered the double LP from Amazon. The LP includes both "Round Midnight" and "This Nearly Was Mine". Vinyl lives.
Jul 14 2011
at 1:59 PM
Bookmark and Share iTunes version also includes "This Nearly Was Mine". I was happy to see I could purchase these tracks separate from the full album as I’d already owned the CD. They are both good, of course.
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