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Jul 03 2016
at 7:02 AM
So I travelled to London on Friday to live my dream : Pat at the most legendary jazz club ever-together with The Blue Note at NY- , Ronnie Scott’s. A fantastic club for about 250 people. A whole difference with the big venues or festivals where I’ve seen Pat perform over the last 25 years. My buddy and I got seated at a table only 5 yards from the stage, a dream come true to see my absolute jazz god from so close! And there he was, joined by Antonio and the 2 new members. I’m not joining the setlist but let me say that he played a lot of stuff from the early albums. And to be able to live all this from so close, what can I say : it was incredible and an experience I will never forget. Worth every single pound and I even would have paid double for this. Especially because the last tune before the encore was a fantastic version of AYGWM. When you know that I’ve been playing that tune at least every other day for 25 years now, you will understand that this was an emotional experience for me. Pat was again surrounded by great musicians and I don’t think we will ever know a better drummer than Antonio. What an incredible player, simply no words for it! Guys, if you ever get the chance to go and see them in a club like this, don’t you hesitate! I was sad it ended, but glad that I’m seeing him again next Friday with Ron Carter. But a thing like this, at Ronnie Scott’s, that will never come back. And if I would live in London, I think I would be going every week-end to that club! You should check out all the bands that are playing there, amazing! And a special thanks to the club’s staff, because you should understand that during the gig, people could have dinner. There was so much respect from the staff and the public, that you never heard the noise you get when your fork is touching the plate. Everyone did his best no to disturb the band, that was simply perfect. Also Pat realised this because he thanked the staff and the public for it. Thanks once more Pat for an unbelievable and emotional evening. There’s no one like you...
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Jul 09 2016
at 7:46 AM
Bookmark and Share Thank you, folks for the reviews of these shows. I have been waiting to read such reviews of this new band of Pat’s. They sound fantastic! I would love to know the setlist, please feel free to e-mail it to me. I just got tickets for the St. Louis, MO show on September 25 for myself, my girlfriend and three friends of ours- everyone a big Pat fan and we are psyched. We got seventh row seats in the center section so we should have a great perspective on this gig. This will be the 18th Metheny gig for me. I wish it was number 81!
Jul 07 2016
at 12:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Bx and Yossy .... Really appreciate your descriptions of the event and also knowing that in two months I’ll be watching Pat at the SF Jazz Center.
Jul 06 2016
at 6:27 AM
Bookmark and Share Except that when I came out I learned that Belgium had lost from Wales...But anyway, what touched me was the fact that Pat, who has played with all the great musicians , did thousands of concerts, still gets moved by some notes played by a like minded spirit. I don’t remember which tune it was, but Simcock played an intro with the others listening. At the moment Pat was supposed to begin playing, he said to Simcock (I was close enough to hear it) : "that was great man! Do it again". So he added some 16 bars or so. Fantastic to see how Pat enjoyed Gwilym’s playing, after all those special moments he must already have lived as a musician. That was for me the highlight of the evening...Pat’s simply all about the music. I am so glad I’m already seeing him again the day after tomorrow with Ron Carter. Ron Carter who I saw years ago with Billy Cobham, who am I seeing on Sunday...And it goes on and on this summer...!
Jul 03 2016
at 5:51 PM
Bookmark and Share Nice post. I too went, on the Thursday evening. It was only the second time I’d been to Ronnies since the change of ownership in 2003 (I used to go every month at least and seen Art Blakey, Cedar Walton, McCoy Tyner, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Zawinul’s Syndicate, Mike Brecker, Bob Berg and Mike Stern etc etc). Back in the day you used to be able to get in Mon-Thurs for a £5 after 10.30 if you were a union member and catch a couple of sets (the main acts’ sets were much later under Ronnie/Pete King. Now you are restricted to one set and have to clear off. The place is also far more expensive than it used to be. But I’m not complaining... the new owners are presumably trying to make sure the club is profitable and survives, and doing a good job. Also there’s actually more respect shown to the musicians it seems to me. Previously there was always a lot of loud talking from punters who seemed more interested in just ’being in a jazz club in Soho’ than the music, despite Ronnie’s reminders to keep quiet. During Sanborn’s gig in May and Pat’s last week, there was no talking or distracting noises, a credit to punters and staff, as previous post said. The only drawback of the place now though is the prices: it means that younger people just can’t go, which is a shame for someone like Pat whose music has been passed down a couple of generations. The gig itself of course was outstanding, Pat maintaining his usual intensity and creativity despite his schedule; staying true to his ethos of playing each gig as if it’s the last one. It’s really quite incredible: watching play a certain tune from the White Album for the 6,007th time but as in to it as ever was wonderful to see. All the Pat tunes were beautifully delivered , reworked - there was a new one (I think it’s new, I didn’t know it) which was superb. Simcock and Oh superbly complimented the tunes and contributed their own thing. And Antonio extraordinary to see close up. A great night, but I wanted to see the second set too. Also, just love the Frith St atmosphere when there’s football on and everyone’s buzzing around Bar Italia watching the matches. great night.
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