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Mike S.
Jun 04 2016
at 4:59 AM
Does anyone know where that background photo for the webpage was taken? It is strikingly beautiful and fits Pat’s music perfectly!!
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From: Message:
Jul 09 2016
at 4:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Looks like Monument Valley
Jun 21 2016
at 10:20 AM
Bookmark and Share Quick update: there two backgrounds for each season: winter-1.jpg, winter-2.jpg, spring-1.jpg, spring-2.jpg, summer- 1.jpg, summer-2.jpg, autumn-1.jpg, and autumn-2.jpg. They’ve all had any metadata regarding location, photographer, etc. stripped away, but summer-2.jpg is obviously in Abu Dabi (there’s a sign in the picture), so I think these are from all over the place.
Jun 14 2016
at 9:40 AM
Bookmark and Share The two background files are located at and if you want the full versions. A google reverse image search turns up nothing, indicating that they were taking by one of Pat’s photographers, probably for one of his albums. They’re probably Missouri but honestly looks like it could be anywhere from Pennsylvania westward.
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