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May 25 2016
at 5:25 PM
So tonight is the opening show for this new group and I am very interested in hearing how other people like it. Perhaps some of our friends from around the globe would be willing to share their views??? Please???? I am going to one of the shows in California - but that isn’t til September, which in "waiting for a Metheny show" seems like light years away! Hopefully a CD might follow as well.
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Jun 22 2016
at 4:46 PM
Bookmark and Share I wish I could see the show with Ron Carter! I am getting to see the group however twice - once in Sonoma and once at the SFJAZZ opening. I am really excited. I do wish that someone would share their reactions to the shows that they have already seen! It would be great to have some sense of what people here think about this group.
Jun 21 2016
at 12:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes, quite jealous , BX. !!! Please give us guys a retailed review ’n. Enjoy !!
Jun 19 2016
at 2:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Let me make you guys jealous. Seeing Pat with the new group in London July 1st and one week later in a duo with Ron Carter in Belgium. Can’t wait!
Jun 17 2016
at 12:33 AM
Bookmark and Share Hoping for a personal double header. .... Pat in Northern California and a concert in Tampa later in the winter months. .. Can’t wait !
Jun 14 2016
at 7:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Check out SF Jazz! Season #5 was just announced and Pat will be opening the season! He and group will be playing Sept. 8-11 Four shows!
Jun 10 2016
at 8:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Nothing is scheduled yet for Florida. And we are desperate for another appearance by Pat and his new group here in the Tampa Bay area. We did enjoy the Unity Group "Kin" tour though!
Jun 09 2016
at 11:58 PM
Bookmark and Share September is time to revisit with Pat in California !!!! But until then, I can’t get enough of Pat’s music !
Jun 09 2016
at 1:23 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ll be there July first! !
Jun 08 2016
at 2:01 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ll be at the first night of Pat at Ronnie Scott’s in London in the cheap seats - £80/$115. Cheers John
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