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May 25 2016
at 2:17 PM
Just to let the UK Garagers know that IG are playing a number of gigs between Gwilym Simcock’s commitments to Pat’s new band.Amongst these are a couple of dates at Pizza Express Jazz in London at the end of July and at the Watermill Club in Dorking Surrey on 2nd August. This is a great, tiny venue that I would highly recommend.
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Jun 12 2016
at 3:18 AM
Bookmark and Share They’re playing in Manchester July 26th. Unfortunately on the very same night Antonio Sanchez’s Migration are playing Manchester too. I’ve opted for the latter since I’ve seen IG a few times, going back to when Steve Swallow was the bassist. Still slightly disappointed though! I wonder if they’re all meeting up afterwards?!
Jun 08 2016
at 1:55 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s not just Gwilym. Steve Rodby should be on bass along with Adam Nussbaum on drums. There’s a new member on sax - Iain Dixon and one of the best jazz guitarists around - Mike Walker. They really are a superb band. I’m going to Dorking and Pizza Express - a single dose of the Gentlemen isn’t enough. Cheers John.
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