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May 12 2016
at 10:10 AM
I finally received my autographed copy and have been enjoying listening to this. I am esp. enjoying contrasting the songs to previously recorded versions. Go Get It vs. from Trio 99->00 ihere is a duet with Antonio where Pats guitar is much edgier. Also liked comparing Two Folk Songs to from 80 > 81. I was hoping for an expanded cover of Signals but overall like this a lot. Wouldn’t a live Unity Band CD and/or DVD be great ?
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Jun 01 2016
at 6:50 PM
Bookmark and Share There’s one I can’t quite get in the Medley, but it starts with Phase Dance, then the tune I should know but can’t recall the name of, A Midwestern Night’s Dream, Watercolors (I think), Antonia, This is Not America, Last Train Home. Of course, I could be wrong about one or two of those.
May 27 2016
at 9:21 AM
Bookmark and Share can anyone ID in order the Songs covered in Medley ? I only recognize This is not America and Last Train Home at the end.
May 14 2016
at 9:21 AM
Bookmark and Share Chris Potter soprano sax solo Sign of the Seasons... Magnificent. Outstanding. Whole album, beautiful.
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