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SUBJECT: Flamenco tribute to Pat Metheny Back to Subjects
May 03 2016
at 1:11 PM
Santiago Lara is an unknown (to me, until now) and young (32) flamenco guitarist, but with a cuople of prestigious awards in flamenco festivals. He has just released a record called "Flamenco tribute to Pat Metheny" whose title says it all. He happens to be a grat Pat’s admirer (as almost every flamenco guitarist) and has formed a band with great musicians to make this record. I think it’s a great idea to play Pat’s music in a flamenco vibe, altough I stil haven’t lisetend to it. The tracks included are: 1 Minuano, 2 Find me in your dreams. 3 James, 4 Question and answer, 5 Antonia, 6 The search, 7 Letter from home, 8 The heat of the day. There are some live peformances in YouTube, esay to find.
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