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SUBJECT: Exit One Jazz fest in Cape May Back to Subjects
Apr 18 2016
at 7:53 PM
Kudos to Mike Klein and his staff at Exit One for a stellar line-up coming up this weekend. Joey Alexander, Pedrito Martinez, Joe Lovano with John Scofield ,Rene Marie and, oh yeah, Pat ant Ron Carter. Should be a great event, can’t wait!
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Apr 24 2016
at 10:55 PM
Bookmark and Share Tremendous show. Pat and Ron compliment each other effortlessly. Both seemed like they were enjoying each others company and the audience was totally attentive. Set was a nice mix of Pat’s book, classics and extended solos . If you get a chance go see these 2 legends perform together before this short-lived tour is over.
Apr 24 2016
at 7:10 AM
Bookmark and Share What s superior concert! A combination of standards and Metheny originals, with solo turns by each performer as well. We had seats in the 4th row, which is as close to Pat as I’ve been in all the times I’ve seen him. And Mr. Carter is fantastic. I read that he’s 79 but you could have fooled me. The crowd was very enthusiastic, with superfans for both Pat & Ron. As good as it gets......
Apr 21 2016
at 8:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Exit 0 sounds like a clandestine location in another dimension...........
Apr 20 2016
at 9:54 AM
Bookmark and Share my apologies, that should have been Exit Zero, not Exit One....although I’m not sure where exit zero is on the map!
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